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The Oranyn by Xavi Lang is a well-written young adult epic fantasy with a setting that involves other worlds and a strong female protagonist. Elia Egerton is the last of the Oranyn, smuggled to Earth from another world where her life has been threatened. She has more power than anyone could imagine, as the one destined to bring the cores together and awaken the Seven Elysares. She is also the only one gifted with the power to stop Astrofyr’s sun from collapsing. But with a new family on Earth and a new life, all that doesn’t matter to her anymore. Not until she is attacked by a creature from Avisadis and left for dead. She now knows that her world is in grave danger and only she can save it. Follow her on a perilous mission to save her own world, a journey filled with danger and ferocious enemies. 

Elia is introduced to the reader from the very beginning of the narrative, a forlorn girl just returning from the cemetery, but there is something intriguing about her. She is there, but she seems to be absent psychologically. The author gives readers glimpses of her character and who she is and leaves them with intriguing descriptions such as: “She looked down on her palm. Eight tiny points in the shape of a heptagon and one in the middle protruded from her skin like insect-bites. She curled her hand into a fist…” The Oranyn is a beautifully written story that will appeal to fans of I Am Number Four and readers who enjoy science fiction and action-packed stories. The characters are real and well developed and it is easy for readers to relate to the protagonist. The prose is powerful, mixed with great dialogues and vivid descriptions. The conflict grows in intensity and the reader becomes engrossed in what happens next to the protagonist.

-Christian Sia, Reader's Favorite